Galilean Healing tackles the heart of your emotional block, restrictive mind-set & behaviours or physical disease.

It removes the emotional core linked to all illness, so that you can move forward with your life and not continually tackle the symptoms.

Galilean Healing uses a combination of:

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Elevated Reiki Healing

  • Crystal Healing

By replacing these unwanted emotional cores, with personally empowering promises, your behaviours and outlook change instantly, alongside deep, long time transformation.

The healing grows with you; allowing the developments in you to take place in your life at a pace which grows with you over the coming weeks and months. This means no healing crisis or learning curves.

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Peaks Above Clouds
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Delving Deeper Into the Subconscious

For those with Galilean Healing Part 1.

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About the Creator and Creation

Rachael Setford-Berry

This story starts for me from birth. I was raised Catholic, but always had a relationship with Jesus which was like being best friends, not the inaccessible idol many of us are raised to see him as. In my prayers it was always a discussion, a conversation about what I should do. He was real and tangible to me.

In my teens I broke down my relationship with him as it had been, and became atheist (not for very long!). The logical part of me could not make sense of what I had been raised with and so I began to rebuild me relationship with him as it was meant to be. That was when I really began to understand him as an individual and saw him as the teacher, freedom fighter, preacher, healer and most importantly, the loving man he was. Mary Magdalene stepped forward strongly as his feminine counterpart to facilitate that further.

Since day one of my Reiki Attunements, Jesus and Mary stood with me while I was being attuned and during my work. The group were astounded to hear he was with me and other members of my group confirmed they had felt or seen his presence. I was surprised as to their reaction, as for me, it was just Jesus and Mary; they were always around me and were my friends. I am lucky enough to see Spirit and so I worked with many Masters, many angels and many Higher Beings. But he was always there. Showing up when needed or he felt required.

And I feel this is partly to do with the fact that I connected with him in the Reality of his life. I saw him for who is was, and as such I knew I could walk beside him. The image of him as a figure on a cross or the Son of God, meant many saw him as someone to be revered and worshipped, they themselves not being high enough to work alongside him. Or someone who was not real and logical and didn’t fit into their understanding of Spirituality. They therefore blocked him on some


Nearly five years ago now Jesus came to me in the night, when I was low after the birth of a child. He healed me with the pure energy from his heart space, as well as meditation/hypnotherapy techniques in the form many will know as Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is an image that many of you maybe familiar with and was channelled a long time ago by Mystics within the Catholic Church itself.

Although he explained that he represented the unending and non-judgemental love that the church had labelled this image with, he explained to me that he also was healing me in the way that we should all heal. From the heart. From every pore of your being.

He went gave me a healing visualisation, which dealt with past trauma and that which causes us fear and disempowerment. I did not know that this was the start of this healing technique being given to me.

So I worked with him and this technique; slowly having layers of it revealed to me by Jesus and his circle. One of the spot light moments came from my own child, who at three years old when choosing crystals to help me with healing, always chose one for the heart, telling me one day ‘it’s always the heart mummy’ and on another day adjusting all of my chakras so that the healing could lead back to the heart correctly. Of course!! The seed of all of our physical disease, is an emotional one. This I already knew. So why weren't we using the heart to remove the issues correctly?

When it occurred to me that this was in fact a healing modality all of it’s own to be taught out, I was attuned one night in the bath, to my own crystal which I use for healing, by Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It was mind-blowing and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. All I had done was to settle down for a healing bath when they came to me. I had selected the crystal that I use for heart healing and popped it into the bath. It was like a baptism in itself. And I knew that I had experienced something special that I could give to others.

I combined other healing modalities, such as crystal healing and hypnotherapy to make create a deep healing, based on our Higher Emotional connection; the Higher Heart.

During this time I had doubts; should I be changing what Usui, my Great Master, has given us? But he came to me to help me with the new Master Symbols as his blessing on this. He also channelled this message to me

“Reiki was never the end. It was only ever the beginning. You were told ‘There is nothing on this Earth plane, which will ever encompass the complexities of the Universe.’ But you are here. Doing just that. Do not see the lessons of your Masters as rules, but as just lessons. For you to understand and expand upon. For to disagree with and change. Otherwise my teaching has all been in vein. Do the unbelievable. Be the unfathomable. I love you and am always with you. My heart to yours.” Master Usui.

This is to increase our vibration above Empathy, to Compassion. To allow others to walk forward on their healing journey and facilitate in their own healing. To make it real and tangible for them too. So that those who you heal do not see you as a magician, but as a person who is just like them. Flawed just like them. In need of healing just like them, but who is also partaking in their own healing journey, just like you are. Putting the power firmly back in the hands of the person receiving the healing.

And importantly for you to truly love yourself; for you to treat yourself as you would a client and to wholly love and accept yourself. To be gentle, nurturing and kind to yourself as you are to others. Only by really moving through your journey of Self Love; self care, self nurture, self belief and self acceptance, will you really be able to connect into that part of yourself which knows all and is all.

Just as Jesus intended.

Further Info for healer:

The healing in a non-Faith based Reiki; True Heart of Jesus healing draws on the Christed Consciousness Gateway and the Spiritual version of Jesus, as well as the very Earthly Jesus of Nazareth and his circle of healers from Galilee.

A perfect balance of healing, channelling energy from the Binary Star System Sirius, coupled with the Grounding that connects into the man that was Jesus. With the whole rounded addition of a connection into his close group of followers and healers; especially the women within his group, including the magnificent Mary Magdalene.

This healing style uses your Christed Consciousness Gateway chakra, which channels directly from the 9th Dimension and above, into yourself. Current healing techniques draw on chakras working directly with the 7th Dimension and below.

It is multi-dimensional healing, which works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being or auric layers of an individual. It removes the seed as well as the symptom of the illness or condition. It uses Higher Dimensional energy, crystals and hypnotherapy techniques in order to layer up the treatment and provide the impact that it does.

You maybe drawn to this because you come from a more traditional Christian background, because you are an Empath and looking to elevate your healing using your Heart connection, or because you feel drawn to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. 

This attunement is a Master level attunement, for those with Reiki level 2 and above. You will receive a new Master symbol, which elevates and calibrates the vibration of Reiki, to something beyond Master level. The symbol was channelled to me by Usui himself, blessing this healing modality as he did. Working with Universal love, which comes in on a compassion vibration, ensuring you are working to the Highest and Greatest Good of the individual.

Channelling Jesus through your hands and heart space, and connecting the client into the Christed Consciousness energy stream, you will learn to work with each of Jesus's amazing circle while connecting into the Earth and the Seas. Drawing on energy from both above and below in order to facilitate both Astral and Physical healing simultaneously.

You will learn how to use hypnotherapy techniques to seed in a new belief system for the individual before the end of the treatment.

A second day of learning is available for those who wish to, to learn how to remove previous life seeds and current life trauma, which have manifested themselves in this life for your clients. Working with the beautiful soul that is Peter-Simon directly and using more indepth energy and hypnotherapy techniques melded together.

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