Peaks Above Clouds


Are you a healer who is looking for something new to add to your work?

Do you feel like your healing and spiritual journey needs some forward momentum?

Are you an empathic healer who works with the heart and emotions?

This Beyond Mastery workshop will give you the direction and fresh approach to healing that you are looking for.​

Learn how to use crystals and hypnotherapy techniques alongside advanced 'Now-Age' Reiki on this insurable and certificated day workshop.

Learn how to work with the Divine Masculine of Jesus alongside the Divine Feminine of Mary Magdalene, and Jesus's circle of healers.

For this with Reiki 2 and above. Be attuned to the Christed Consciousness vibration, learn how to channel it plus two new symbols.

If you do not have Reiki, I teach beginners courses as well as advanced ones.

Please click below to go to my main site to find out when the next workshop is.

I provide ongoing support for all of my students, including Student Support page and access to the latest information I have channelled.



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